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K.C. Mangus Lohr is a South Carolina low country medical malpractice attorney who can help you.  She has more than 14 years of legal experience, handling all types of injury claims. 

malpractice south carolinaHave you ever experienced any of these situations?  Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office expecting to be examined for your symptoms, but the doctor never laid a hand on you or ordered any tests only to find out later that you were suffering from a serious medical problem?  Have you ever taken a loved one to the emergency room only to be told that it was nothing serious but the symptoms turned out to not only be serious, but life threatening?  Has a physician ever told you that a surgery on a loved one was going to take a certain amount of time, but actually took longer than expected and it seemed like the physician vanished after the surgery.  Did a nurse fail to administer a drug or test that made the difference between life and death?  While any of these scenarios may or may not be medical malpractice, if your gut is telling you something is not right, then it’s time to talk to K.C.

According to the Journal of Patient History in September 2013 400,000+ people die per year (estimated, based on evidence) from medical malpractice in hospitals.  This is a shocking statistic.  And according to a Forbes article in September 2013 medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, just behind cancer and heart disease.  You may ask what 1,000 patients a day are dying from in hospitals?  Such things include a baby receiving a medication dose calculated for a 200 pound man or a hospital using contaminated medical equipment that causes weeks of agonizing infection before the patient's death.  And the examples go on and on.

What can you do about a doctor, hospital or other medical provider who causes you or your loved one injury?  You can file a medical malpractice claim in South Carolina.  The “standard of care” in South Carolina is legally defined as what a reasonably careful medical provider would or would not have done under the same or similar circumstances.  This failure to meet the appropriate “standard of care” is called “negligence” in legal terms.  You have a medical malpractice claim if a medical provider’s “negligence” caused you injury or damages.  Medical providers include doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists and any other type of professional that work in the medical field.  However, not every poor medical outcome is proof of medical “negligence”.  While medical malpractice cases in South Carolina can be complicated, they are winnable.

There have been great advances in medical technology for healthcare.  However, there also has been a decline in personalized patient care, mostly due to policies dictated by big insurance companies. Insurance companies simply limit medical care when they can, and hospitals reduce their costs by requiring nurses to help more patients.  The problem has become so serious that often the patient needs someone to help him or her ensure proper medical treatment. 

In addition to the physical and emotional toll it takes on the medical malpractice victim, families are easily overwhelmed by financial burdens of proper care and treatment during the recovery period.  K.C. understands how medical bills and lifetime costs of the injury can add up quickly, especially if the victims are children.  Parents often take leaves of absence from work or quit their jobs altogether to begin providing care on a full-time basis. This leads to further financial strain upon families.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, it is very important to select an attorney with experience in this area of the law.  K.C. Mangus Lohr has been defending and prosecuting claims for medical malpractice since 2001 in South Carolina.  She is experienced in evaluating the medical and legal issues necessary to purse a case for medical negligence.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a medical professional, please call K.C. as soon as possible as there are special rules and time limits that apply to these types of cases.  There is no charge for the initial consultation with K.C. and no fee unless you collect money.

K.C.’s South Carolina law practice includes the cities and towns of Moncks Corner, Bonneau, Goose Creek, Summerville, St. George, Ridgeville, Holly Hill, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Georgetown, Huger, McClellanville, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Wadmalaw Island, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Edisto, Hollywood, Ravenel, North Charleston, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, Awendaw, Adams Run, Folly Beach, Ladson, Hanahan, Wando, Pinopolis, Harleyville, Reevesville, Orangeburg, Cross, and St. Stephen.

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